Issues #1


Taxes and Spending

-SUPPORT doubling the Kansas Income Tax standard deduction

-Oppose tax increase greater than that created by increase in state GNP

-No increase in spending by government without public oversight

-Decreasing long term debt

-Supportive of Tax Equality including taxes on all products and services

=Remove sales tax on groceries

-Supportive of simple state income tax rate of 5% of the Federal income tax amount.

Micro Small Business Regulation Relief

-On Micro Small Businesses in Kansas regulations would be adjusted to 2 year instead of annual inspections and decrease the amount of paperwork that these businesses have to report.

- One of the ways government interjects itself in the market place and expands its power and revenue collection is to require occupational licenses for an ever increasing number of occupations. The licenses mean nothing other than the businessman has jumped through bureaucratic hoops and paid the ransom - and in some locales, occupational licenses become a way for established businesses to prevent competitors from getting a toe hold.  

Challenges of illegal drug usage, Mental Health, and suicides by youth in Kansas

-These are growing challenges in Kansas that must be addressed through local and state leadership. Locally the county District Attorney is the head of Law enforcement and that department must be strong in not giving leniency to people that traffic in illegal drugs. These people must not be allowed to return to the streets so they can continue their business as usual.

-Mental Health Centers must share part of the funding from income received from sales of seized property. They must have the cooperation of the schools, law enforcement, and cities to identify victims of drug abuse and treat them with long term methods that return them to taxpaying citizens.

Kansas is OPEN for BUSINESS

-Micro-Small Business must be encouraged, if someone had an idea for a new or better way to create a product or service, there should only be minimum regulations and the local governments should be doing everything they can to make sure that micro-small business is easily started.  


School funding K-12 make up over 60% of our State budget, yet not enough gets into the classroom. I believe we need to reduce regulations on our state school finance, give the local school boards the authority to use the funding as they best see fit, then hold them accountable.for quality education

I realize the local school is the lifeblood of the community, consolidation of small school districts is NOT MY PLAN. We must continue to work together to improve our schools

-Support the Kansas Can Educational program of Dr. Randy Watson. Individual Student Education Plans 

-Support Family involved schools

-Support project based learning

-Support Individual Student Education plans where a student transitions with parent support from school to career without barriers limited by college credit requirements. 

-Supports that the share of local taxes paid to the state be returned to local schools and government to have local control of schools.

-Support Local School Board to decide who gets hired, how much teachers are paid, fringe benefits, the number of days to be worked, schedules 

-Support local school districts to make decisions on curriculum and facilities 

- Many School bonds are 80-90% financed by State funding, Local School Districts should fund these projects so they are not State controlled

-In Kansas, taxpayers are forced to fund the education lawsuits that sue themselves (the taxpayers) for more education money.  Taxpayers are also forced to pay ALL the legal fees and attorney fees, both for the State AND the education lobby! 

- Local School Board should have the decision on how much is spent on bussing students, This Federal Law is out of date.

- Local School Boards should have the decision who and how many administrators are sent to athletic events.

- Local School Boards should be able to decide if they want to participate in Federal Lunch programs

- Free and Reduced Lunch student numbers should not be used for Scholastic evaluations and comparisons

- Education funds should not be used to hire more counselors for social behavior problems, funding should be given to Mental Health Centers to work with the Students and Families. Educators should Education, Social Mental Health work should be done by Mental Health professionals. 

Judicial Overreach

-Supportive of nominations of vacant Judicial positions by the Judicial District Nominating Commission then given to the Governor and then approved by the Senate.

-The Judicial District should have 5 elected positions and only 4 lawyer nominated positions.