Issues #3


Expensive Childcare

Lower and Middle class working people need Childcare lowered by less government regulation of services that are not safety related

Better & more flexible meals for their kids

Expensive Car Maintenance Expenses

Transportation is vital for visits to doctors, government appointments, and grocery shopping

Public transportation is inflexible and time sensitive.

We need to support local church organizations that do basic car maintenance for free

Inability to communicate with services

Commiunication with government is expensive to maintain, but we need to have an atmosphere of patience and customer service.

Government needs to share communication with Churches and non profit organizations that are working with people that are in need of services.

Expensive Housing

Increased over regulation and Building codes are killing the investment and lower cost alternatives of people willing to own rental property. Studies have revealed the 27-29% of a new house build are from regulation.

Court Costs

The cost of a Magistrate, County, or State Fine is the Civil penalty for a offense, the court costs that are added to the fine should be less or not greater that the cost of the fine.

SPAM Callers

The Kansas area code phone numbers should not be sold to any party that does not have a residential or commercial billing address in Kansas.

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Announce coming events

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