Frequent Questions 2


How does the Kansas Legislature have a fair and balanced budget, with the public education shortage?

The supreme court has ruled that current state funding should increase. They look at finances provided from the money that you send to the state. 

We should look back of the last 8 years of the Kansas revenue and how much each entity has received, then give education and other departments the average percentage revenue it received in the past as a portion of the revenue received to each department that month. By using this budget, just as we would in our own family finances, we would spend current income, not unknow future income.

How will you help farmers in Sumner & Cowley Counties become the leaders and prosper in agriculture?

First, we must honor the Entreprenuership of local farmers and ranchers.

We must support them with reduced state and federal regulations.

We must support the education of young farmers through FFA organizations.

Farmers and ranchers know better than any business the economic environment of the markets, 

By promoting a low tax, stable economy, we will help them prosper.

How do you help law enforcement combat the epidemic of opioid addiction in Sumner & Cowley Counties?

Safety of our citizens are priority one. 

Everyone knows that the cost of maintaining prisoners keeps increasing every year, but the long term costs of allowing drug trafficers and criminal drug addicts to remain on the street is multiple times higher. 

Drug trafficers must be dealt with severly and not pleaded to easier sentences.  

Those with drug addictions that commit must be placed in treatment plans on the first incident and then the next incidents must quickly be treated with increased jail time and addiction treatment plans