Unalienable Rights

We believe that man's rights flow from the Creator. The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable and cannot be legitimately granted or rescinded by men.

Judeo-Christian Foundation

We believe in the guiding force of moral law as expressed by the Judeo-Christian ethic and contained in the Holy Scripture of these historic faiths.


We believe that the only answer to the current moral decline in our nation is a return to the beliefs and standards of morality which our founding Fathers placed in the Constitution. .


We believe in the rights of parents to select a quality education for their children. We support parental choice and competition among schools. The education of our childern should not be compromised by a particular political agenda.

Free Enterprise

We believe in the free enterprise system as the best hope for men and women to fulfill their economic hopes and dreams. The free market is the most efficient and the least costly system to deliver the highest quality gooods andservices at the lowest price to the consumer. We support legislation to reduce or eliminate intrusive government intervention in the market place


We believe that the traditional American family, consisting of one man and one women through marriage is the cornerstone of our American society and the government is duty-bound to protect the integrity of a strong and stable family through legislation and tax policies.