Liberty and Freedom Questions #3


Under our state’s per-student spending formula, a certain amount of taxpayer money

 is set aside every year to pay for the education of each child in the state. Would you support legislation creating a program allowing parents to receive a portion of that per-student funding to pay for educational alternatives to the child’s assigned public school?*

  • Yes, I support enacting a program that allows parents access to the state per-student funding set aside for their child’s education, which they can use to provide different education options to their student. This would be made available if the student is not ready for the next grade marker. Kindergarten, 3rd grade, 7th grade.

Do you support corporate welfare programs in Kansas?

For the purposes of this question, corporate welfare is defined as a practice in which specific businesses receive taxpayer-funded cash incentives, favorable tax treatment, government-backed loans, or other exemptions, refunds, or abatements not offered to other businesses in the state. Examples of such programs in Kansas include PEAK (Promoting Employment Across Kansas), HPIP (High Performance Incentive Program) and STAR Bonds.*

  • I do not support corporate welfare programs in Kansas.

Would you support legislation banning the use of all tax dollars for lobbying purposes?

Yes, I support prohibiting the use of tax dollars for lobbying.

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