Frequent Questions


What were the factors in your deciding to run for this office?


I am a strong believer in conservative principles. I believe firmly in lowering taxes on hard working Kansans and I did not agree with Representative Judd-Jenkins voting to increase them. I felt that this was a good time for me to step up and attempt to make a difference for my district and my state and to work to be sure citizens keep more of their hard earned money.

What are your greatest professional accomplishments over the past few years?


In the recent years I brought my career in teaching business and special education to a conclusion, a year and half ago my wife Diana and I bought two local newspapers in Sumner County and have been working to take them further, and my wife and I have worked hard to continue growing Slate Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Wellington and have been proud to be able to offer that service to multiple visitors.

If you are elected, what do you hope to accomplish in the legislature the next few years?


If I am elected, I want to be certain to put all my focus into working for Kansas families. I want to be a strong voice for lowering taxes and getting government off of people’s backs. I want to stand up for the Second Amendment and the Pro-Life movement whenever these issues cross my desk and be a strong advocate for small business. I also want to work hard on legislation that supports making our education system more efficient for students.

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Pro-Life, Family, Government Importments

Saying "pro-life" is easy and most candidates say that.
I received the Kansas For Life endorsement.
Life begins at conception and ends with natural death.

Pro- 2nd amendment 

The lowering of taxes by making government improve - which starts by having people in office who believe it is possible and are willing to find those improvements.

Coming events

Debate at Raymond Frye in Wellington at 6:30 on July 5th.


Advance Balloting

If you can help contact people via phone, contact or sending brochures let us know.

AUGUST 7th Get Together

We are planning to get together on the evening of August 7th for a Pot Luck evening dinner. Details to be announced.

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