Liberty and Freedom Questions #2


Would you support legislation requiring a super-majority (2/3) vote

in the state legislature to approve any legislation which would increase taxes?*

  • Yes, I support legislation requiring a super-majority vote to increase taxes.

Would you support an amendment to the state constitution

which clarifies that the legislature has the authority to determine spending levels for K-12 education, and not the Kansas Supreme Court?*

  • Yes, I support a constitutional amendment confirming the legislature’s authority to set spending levels for K-12 education.

Do you believe generally that too many jobs in Kansas require an occupational license,

and that such requirements might act as a barrier to opportunity for those seeking to enter licensed job fields?*

  • Yes, I generally believe that too many jobs in Kansas require an occupational license.

Many experts project that there will be a state budget deficit in the next few years.

 Do you believe we should cut spending, raise taxes or a combination of both to eliminate such a deficit? (For the purposes of this question, “raise taxes” means any combination of policies which result in a net increase in revenue collections above what would have otherwise been collected under the current tax code.)*

  • I believe we should cut spending to pay down any future budget deficit.

Would you support legislation which 1.) Restricts increases in annual state expenditures

 to at or below the rate of inflation (adjusted for population changes), AND 2.)Requires any revenues collected in excess of the allowed amount (last year’s revenue level adjusted for population growth and inflation) to be refunded to taxpayers?*

  • Yes, I support legislation limiting the growth of the state government’s annual expenditures to the rate of inflation, adjusted for population changes – and I support refunding to the taxpayer any revenues collected in excess of that limit.

Do you support the state’s current property tax lid

which prohibits cities and counties from raising taxes above the rate of inflation with some exceptions?*

No, I do not supporting existing law which, in most cases, prohibits localities from increasing property taxes about the rate of inflation. The local Townships, School Boards, Cities, and Counties should have the flexibility in a free market to determine their tax rates, either to increase or lower as needed